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Kat Abianac

Kat is a writer and a passionate advocate for inclusion in the media and advertising. She has two children, one with Down syndrome. Use the 'contact us' tab on this site to request her media kit or to get in touch. You may republish content from www.parkermyles.com on your own site, provided a pingback is made to her original article and she is fully credited as author.


A Letter To My Kindergarten Son With Down Syndrome

By Kat Abianac / August 24, 2016

As I walk through the kindergarten gates, I hook it under my foot and unlatch the lock one handed as I’ve always done. And my mind says ‘open-shut! Good boy!’ Because I’ll be saying it shortly. We have so many small rituals, Parker. On one of your first days of daycare, a mum walked her little […]


An Open Letter To My Typical Child

By Kat Abianac / August 24, 2016

My sweet love, I see you.  I’ve always seen you. I saw you when we told you we were having a baby.  I saw the look of confusion and excitement when the facts hit you that you wouldn’t be the youngest in our family anymore. I saw you when we left the doctor’s office that day we […]


To My Daughter With Down Syndrome on Her Wedding Day

By Kat Abianac / August 21, 2016

Dear Jillian, It is the afternoon of your wedding. In two hours, you will take the walk of a lifetime, a stroll made more memorable by what you’ve achieved to get to this day. I don’t know what the odds are of a woman born with Down syndrome, marrying the love of her life. I only […]


Parents At The Park, Please Don’t Help My Kids

By Kat Abianac / August 18, 2016

This amazing letter has just done the rounds recently on social media, after Kate Baker originally published it a while ago. Here it is in all its glory-   Dear Other Parents At The Park. Please do not lift my daughters to the top of the ladder, especially after you’ve just heard me tell them […]


When One Special Needs Parent Grieves, We All Grieve.

By Kat Abianac / August 11, 2016

  You read our post updates, and continue on with your life. You may think, “how sad.” “Why do they care so much?” or,”This is too much.” But for us, we can’t walk away. No, we are a community joined by our love for our little ones. When one hurts, we all hurt. We can’t […]


Woman with Down syndrome Donates Blood 150 Times

By Kat Abianac / August 10, 2016

Jenna Strauss, 39, went to her blood clinic in June for her regular donation. Before she went, she made sure to eat iron rich food and protein. “Having a good iron count is very crucial in order to donate. After the donation, I usually get apple juice and I eat a little something light!” she […]

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