The actual reason why my kids are 800% naughtier for me than anyone else…

By Tracy Hardy / March 7, 2019

I just got back from almost 3 weeks away from my children.

Immediately I was told how well behaved my son was while I was away.

Yes, I know! He always does that.

I’m pretty used to anyone who looks after him or spends short amounts of time with him finding him entirely adorable and well behaved.. he’s pretty compliant for everyone on the planet if he’ll get something out of it.

But for me? Yeah nope. I’m his safe place, where he doesn’t have to perform, be on his best behaviour, put his best foot forward…

You know. He can just be his messy, soul-gazing, loving 6 year old self.

He had a tantrum this morning about going to school.. he wanted to stay home and watch Curious George. Back to exactly what happens on a normal day mummy takes him to school.. except he went to school like an angel every day I was gone!

This was the subject of a really awesome article I read last year. That our kids can be themselves and relax around mum, so they’re a bit more trouble.

On the flip side…

My 3 weeks away made me see I was literally drained by them.

Being their safe place to fall had meant I had nothing left to give my children. I couldn’t stand up for myself, boundary set in my business or conversations, and was getting lost in my work as an escape.

I work long hours, I have a clear vision to build a future for myself and my family. The path involves a little sacrifice, and it’s not for everyone..

The best thing I ever did last year was let my son have overnight sleepovers with my babysitter, so I got two nights off every week.

It allowed me to recharge (without living and breathing tantrums and mistranslations), and stay in a good place with my mental and physical health.

Part of my job as a responsible parent is making sure my children aren’t excused from their behaviour and left in their comfort zone all the time.

Because I found I was using them as an excuse to stay in mine.

Kids are good, they’re naughty, they also grow up into adults and won’t give a crap when they’re 30 whether or not it was mum wiping their butts 5 times a day, or a babysitter/daycare worker.

You do you, babe- just build a good life for your family, whatever that looks like for you, and try to ignore all the noise on the internet.

Unless it’s positive and uplifting.. Then go and roll around in the comments section and sprinkle glitter on that shit.

I hadn’t seen him in almost 3 weeks and his first words to me were ‘no baby! Parker.’

I think he survived just fine without me.

Just a note for parents scared to leave their children and travel or get stuff done that’s sorely needed to move your family forward. It’s terrifying but you won’t regret it. I promise your child will be fine. So will you.

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