Parker’s awesome pre-haircut routine to help prevent tears and fears

By Tracy Hardy / February 21, 2019

As you know Parker is 6 and has Down syndrome. He used to hate haircuts. Until we started this awesome routine to help chill him out.

  • We watch old videos of successful calm haircuts (before I had any of him, we used YouTube videos)
  • I apply DoTERRA Balance blend to his feet and In Tune to the back of his neck
  • I keep him calm before we left with a nice heavy blanket while he watches videos
  • I generally change up the salons he visits – I don’t want him freaking out about having a new one if they quit or leave! We have a handful of nice ones on rotation.

Do you have any clever tips to prevent meltdowns at the hairdressers?

Hey! In case you are wondering. I’m Parker’s friend, Tracy. I republish Parker’s cool stuff when his mum, Kat, is super busy! Don’t forget to follow them on social media for regular updates x

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