How to encourage your kids to LOVE the bath as much as Parker does

When people comment on Parker ALWAYS smelling incredible I do try to refrain from telling them he has baths like other kids eat meals… maybe 3 a day.

And he even thinks of his mummy and lays the bath mat down. Good boy!

Whenever he goes missing, I don’t open the front door anymore and check for the little kid with Down syndrome sprinting down the street, I just run up to the bathtub and see my little boy having a relax and living his best life.

What can I say, he knows what he wants out of life and makes it happen. No permission needed and he knows he needs the down time to regulate, so off he goes. Floating and relaxing while staring off into the trees and at the buildings outside the window is a must.

I sometimes think we should all be a little more like Parker.

Bath tips

If your child really hates the bath why not consider making it more fun!

  • Blow bubbles in the bathtub!
  • Add colour to the bath
  • Make bath time “art time” with bath crayons and paints etc
  • Bathe their fave doll/teddy at the same time!
  • Don’t forget to pop in some lavender to help calm

You could also consider changing WHEN you have bath time. If bath time normally takes place in the evening, before bed, your child might be more willing to have a daytime bath. Try a morning or afternoon splash even.

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