BABY WIPE TUTORIAL: For mums who don’t want to plaster their kid’s little bottoms with nasties

Now this is perfect for mums not intent on PH balancing their kid’s little butts using nasty chemicals.

For those mums (and dads!) who are just happy to clean it with a bit of natural product, save money, and move on with their day.

This is why people are freaking out about paying $7 for bloody baby wipes.. this is not rocket science people!

Sorry Huggies, you suck for selling those pure wipes. Remind me what pure means again.. cos mine are pure water, pure lavender, pure tea tree and pure coconut oil!

I am the least craftiest mum on the PLANET and I can do this. So you can too!

What you need to do:

Paper towel
Plastic container
Coconut oil
Tea tree (you could add rosemary or even basil)

Grab your paper towel (we use Viva) and pop it into a container, pour the water and oils in the container over the top of the paper towel and watch it soak up all the goodness.

Give it a shake leave the lid on and use them as needed. Voila!

Watch the step by step tutorial below.

Hey! In case you are wondering. I’m Parker’s friend, Tracy. I republish Parker’s cool stuff when his mum, Kat, is super busy! Don’t forget to follow them on social media for regular updates x

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