Today I cried at a kid’s party. 



Today I cried at a kids party. 
Tears didn’t roll down my cheeks, and I didn’t need to blow my snotty nose in a tissue.

But my eyes welled up and got that awful tingly lump in my throat thats near impossible to swallow. Why? Because I’m exhausted and tired of making sure Charlotte gets her turn, is included and feels wanted.
The final straw, the dreaded piñata. Where kids push in, take too many turns and turn into little devils armed with a bat!

In line, a little boy looked back at Charlotte after pushing in front of her. He said, “Charlotte’s last.” Then the little girl in front of him turned her head, and in what felt like slow motion, proceeded to say, “Charlotte’s always last.”
It took a moment to register. I wasn’t sad because it was mean, I was sad because it was true.

She is always last.

She is always at the back, the is the last one to line up, to get dressed, to finish eating, to have a turn. I’m analysing and over thinking this insignificant, yet significant, event that’s just occurred till we reach the front of the line. Charlotte has her turn and I go line up with her at the back again.
Then I realised. She isn’t always last!

She is the first one to give a sad child a hug and ask them if they’re ok.

She is the first one to put up her hand when asked for help.

She is the first one to make you smile at the beginning of the day.

She is the first one to hunt out a baby in the crowd for nurturing.

And she is the first one to make you realise just how special, lucky and privileged your life is.


Don’t let negativity take over. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.
Life is just better when you focus on the positives.
❤️ Charlotte’s mum, Hailey.

Carolyn - March 18, 2018

Oh My Gosh. I welled up inside reading your account. It must be heartbreaking for you and your daughter is so beautiful, inside and out

Chris - June 12, 2017

Charlotte is beautiful and she should never be last. I do not know you and I will never meet Charlotte but I can tell you that tears welled up in my eyes as I read this too

Paul - December 15, 2016

The nicest kids are always last. ‘Nice’ is a great quality to have at such a young age.

Lisa Duncan - November 29, 2016

This is oh so true, I have days where sometimes the negative takes over and I find myself with tears welling up.

But my son makes me smile and laugh more than anyone else and he loves me like no one else.

He never leaves anyone feel left out and I am very proud of the things he can do.x

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