Woman with Down syndrome Donates Blood 150 Times

Jenna Strauss, 39, went to her blood clinic in June for her regular donation.

Before she went, she made sure to eat iron rich food and protein.

“Having a good iron count is very crucial in order to donate. After the donation, I usually get apple juice and I eat a little something light!” she said.

But instead, this time she was handed a certificate.  Not only has Jenna has been donating since 1994 when she was in high school, this was her impressive 150th time.

woman with down syndrome donates blood


Jenna told parkermyles.com, “They gave me a cake, balloons, a certificate and a banner! I was thrilled- I kept the banner.”

With a blood type of O+, Mosaic Down syndrome hasn’t prevented her from donating both platelets and whole blood. In fact, people with a complete Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) can also donate.

This amazing woman, after so many donations, has said she is ‘semi retired’ now! She is sharing her story to show what people with Down syndrome are capable of.

The current rate of pregnancy termination in the US for Down syndrome is approximately 75%.

I asked her what she’d say if she met a mom, pregnant with a baby who had Down syndrome. She insists you can’t predict the future. ‘I’d tell her my story,’  Jenna said.


I asked Jenna on Facebook, “What made you start donating? Why do you give blood?”

There was a long pause before I saw three bubbles begin moving, and her simple message popped up.


“To save lives.”



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