From Colombian Orphan with Down Syndrome To Becoming Target’s Latest Model

By Kat Abianac / September 25, 2015



Jodi says, “In 2014, Target put out a casting call for models and we responded. They didn’t use her at the time. The beginning of this year I followed up with them and they wanted her to come to another casting call and she did. They called back a few days later and said she’s in a final group and wanted her to come to a shoot. This was in February. We didn’t find out until a couple of days ago that they chose to use her!”


Training pants with Kayella’s cheeky face on will be available across the USA shortly.

To parents considering international adoption, Jodi says, “Control what you are able to- but expect that it can take time and you can’t have control over everything. Be open to special needs adoption but also make sure you are comfortable with what you can handle.”


You can read more about their adoption journey here.

Follow the family via their blog here.



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