A Note From The Father of a Married Woman with Down syndrome

Paul Daugherty and his wife Kerry together proudly raised their daughter Jillian, who has Down syndrome.

Jillian has achieved many incredible things in her life, and last month her parents watched her marry the man of her dreams. Her father, Paul, wants to share some advice with special needs parents- from one parent to another.



1. Expect- don’t accept! ‘Do not let anyone define your child. Do not allow them to place limits on him or her they’d never dream of placing on a typical child.’ Paul and his wife allowed Jillian to define Jillian- just as you would for any other child.

‘This was the guiding principle through Jillian’s entire school career, and continues to be as she has assumed a full-time job.’







2. See Jillian. Don’t look at her. ‘Seeing is active. It requires engagement and empathy. Looking is passive. We look at TV. Seeing someone for who he or she is, rather than judging them by what they look like is not only important to a healthy, thriving society. It’s a civil right.’



 “Worrying about what might happen in the future is wasted energy.”






3. All You Can Do Is All You Can Do. ‘Kerry and I lived in the moment. Dwelling on what has happened already is pointless. Worrying about what might happen in the future is wasted energy. All that mattered was what we could do that moment, that day, that week.’









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Jillian lives with her husband in the USA. Her father Paul has written an amazing memoir titled, ‘An Uncomplicated Life’. Buy his book in one click here.


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