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I first met the beautiful Madeline Stuart at her home in Brisbane. In real life, she is stunning, expressive and vivacious. She clearly shares a beautiful bond with her mother Rosanne. I smiled as I watched them have a tickle fight on their way to another room. She interacted with my toddler son, making him laugh and squirm until he freely ran to her for cuddles and affection.


Maddy in one of the bright Disney prints she is known for wearing regularly.

The beautiful role model with Down syndrome is well known for her bright, bubbly, age appropriate fashion sense and is regularly spotted in Black Milk and Living Dead leggings and prints. And now Maddy is preparing to take her love of bright, funky patterns and textured screenprints step further. She wants to design leggings.

Maddy went globally viral in May, after starting a Facebook campaign to become a model. She has ticked that goal from her list, and while on the hunt for more campaigns she wants to get more involved and hands-on in fashion.

Rosanne told Bmag in an interview this week, “When Madeline went viral, I contacted a few modelling agencies,” Rosanne says. “She hasn’t been able to get a manager, so I decided that until a manager came along, I would do it myself.”

I interviewed her mother to find out more.

How long has Maddy been interested in fashion and getting into the industry as a model?  She has always loved getting dressed up. Her favourite thing when she was little was playing dress ups, so we have boxes of costumes at home. Everything from witches to unicorns.

 At our state fair (Brisbane Royal Show) last year we were watching the cotton parade. She told me she wanted to be a model, and get up on the cat walk then and there.

What is her favourite style of Madeline clothing to get around in day to day?  Leggings. When she was younger I would always put her in tights as she was still carrying her extra weight. She still found them extremely comfortable. Even if she wore a skirt she would wear tights underneath for modesty,  in case she sat the wrong way or decided to climb in the playground.

Madeline Stuart model

On her way to Sydney for a magazine interview

What are Maddy’s favourite prints and patterns?  The brighter the better. She loves most bright prints from movies or Disney. Maddy hates shopping! We usually browse web sites together, then she chooses from there.

What aren’t retailers giving customers, that she wants to bring into the market?  At the moment there are really only two ways to buy tights online. The first is through the major companies that are made locally, and end up being about $80 a pair! The second is online from Ebay or Chinese online retailers. They are far cheaper, however they are very bad quality. The expensive ones are at such a high price point, so we would like to find something in the middle that is still good quality, but means you can easily grow a collection.

How far is she in the planning stages?  This interview is the very beginning. We are trying to find someone to come on board to give us some advice, or maybe a partnership.

What can her fans do to help her with her goals?  If anyone has any advice or knows someone that specializes in this industry, could they please let them know we are open to suggestions! Email us at

 She is super excited and can’t wait to make this dream into a reality.”

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Madeline Stuart Model

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Dan Alatorre AUTHOR - July 15, 2015

Love the ‘tude! That kid’s a star.

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