How one man changed the face of Down syndrome in the media

Meet Tim Harris.

Tim’s diner is in Albuquerque, USA. He has been a Special Olympian, lived in a college dorm and graduated university, lived on a sailboat in the Bahamas, and is an excellent sailor and offshore fisherman. Why is Tim’s story so important to parents of children with special needs?

Because, like he always says…


Dreams don’t end due to limitations. I’m pretty sure Tim didn’t walk into the restaurant business alone… Or buy a sailboat and decide to become an intrepid explorer. Or enrol himself in college and take on work in the food service industry to gain experience.

Tim was supported by parents who would do anything in their power to give their child the best they can in life, just like they did for their other children. Can all parents help their child with their dream of owning a restaurant? No, of course not. But when they try to do exactly what Tim’s parents did- support their child to be the best version of themselves they can possibly dream of- THAT is truly inspiring.

My son Parker has Down syndrome. Men like Tim are breaking down stereotypes for kids like Parker, and showing what our kids are really capable of when inclusion is active and promoted within the community.

SONY DSCSo, what next for Tim? Why, a REALITY TELEVISION SHOW of course!

Tim is an inspiration for so many children and families around the world. We’re looking forward to many glimpses of him and his family’s life!




Are you you inspired by someone with Down syndrome within your community? Please contact us via our Facebook page and let us know about them.

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Cheyanne - August 5, 2014

Hi. I’ve just come across your story on facebook. I know alot of different people with different versions of ds. They are truely amazing and funny characters.
As for your daughter… she’s amazing! Not many ” normal” siblings take to children like this. She’s truely special and has a calling. No I’m not a priest or pastor or anything like that but believe me she does. Just love your babies as any parent would. Thats all they need…love! God speed and grace!
A friend.

Dave McNair - July 16, 2014

Well said Kat. Tim is a great inspiration and Parker is pretty awesome too.

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