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You Know You’re A Special Needs Parent When…

By Kat Abianac / November 8, 2015

You know you’re a special needs parent when… You pack exact required change for 2 chocolates from the hospital vending machine while waiting for an ambulance. You own more snot-suctioning devices than is either reasonable, or anticipated. Your invitations to BBQs and get-togethers dry up. You have a hospital bag, toy bag and food bag […]


Madeline Stuart – The Model With a Little Extra

By Kat Abianac / May 14, 2015

Recently, a photo hit social media running and is yet to slow down. With over 100,000 likes in 48 hours, Madeline Stuart model (with the help of her mum to run her Facebook page) has an amazing story to tell of health, fitness and weight loss.   Madeline Stuart lives in Brisbane, Australia and has […]


What makes a mother smile?

By Kat Abianac / April 7, 2015

  When my son was born, he was blue. He was taken away and put on oxygen. Then he had a nasal gastric tube inserted. He was going to need oxygen long term, due to a condition called laryngomalacia (severely floppy airways). I held him, and loved him a little bit extra than I ever […]


Parker’s birth announcement

By Kat Abianac / August 12, 2014

Having a baby diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome is a tumultuous time. Your life has just been turned on its head in one irrevocable moment, and your brain doesn’t stop churning for hours. Plus you have a newborn to look after, which is all encompassing in itself. I delayed my birth announcement for two […]