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Girl With Down Syndrome Posts Letter to Doctor Who Wanted Parents To Abort Her

“This is Emmy, mailing our letter to the prenatal specialist who didn’t want her to live. He repeatedly suggested we abort. He said her and our quality of life would be horrible.” Emmy’s mother Courtney Baker says, “He was so unbelievably wrong. I want to do something to advocate, but other than my letter to him, I […]

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What Your Child With Down Syndrome Might Do

It can be a scary place, the first moments after your child with Down syndrome enters the world.  There are no guarantees in life. Having a great love, following a true passion, having a child.. it’s all a gamble. You won’t always take the most worn and travelled path as you create your own life story.. […]

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A Delivery Suite Diagnosis of Down syndrome – for Medical Professionals

  The way in which a delivery suite diagnosis of Down syndrome is communicated is often done in a dissatisfactory manner. The firm diagnosis of Down’s syndrome on phenotypic grounds is usually possible immediately after delivery.  It is essential to inform the parents, at least of your suspicions, as soon as possible after delivery.   […]

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Madeline Stuart Walks

Madeline Stuart will walk runway during Fashion Week 2016

Is Madeline Stuart still modelling? Not only is she stronger than ever with a combined social media following of over 600,000, she is booked solid with engagements, modelling work and travel right through 2016, according to her itinerary! After a huge 2015 in which she turned 19, traveled overseas extensively and was awarded Model of […]

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The 8 Most Googled Questions About Down syndrome- Answered

This is a compilation of the top 8 most Googled questions about Down syndrome. I’ve added accurate, up to date resources to each, and answered the questions. Please don’t mistake me for a paediatrician or a genetics expert. You’re not going to get overly formal answers to the Google searches in the blog below. I’m not […]

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You Know You’re A Special Needs Parent When…

You know you’re a special needs parent when… You pack exact required change for 2 chocolates from the hospital vending machine while waiting for an ambulance. You own more snot-suctioning devices than is either reasonable, or anticipated. Your invitations to BBQs and get-togethers dry up. You have a hospital bag, toy bag and food bag […]

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From Colombian Orphan with Down Syndrome To Becoming Target’s Latest Model

Kayella Aschoff is a beautiful 4 year old from Minnesota. She has Down syndrome and began her life in an orphanage in Colombia, before coming home as the first child of the Aschoff family when she was 9 months old. She has a brother Leo, who also has Down syndrome and was adopted. “We wanted […]

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