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What Your Child With Down Syndrome Might Do

By Kat Abianac / February 18, 2016

It can be a scary place, the first moments after your child with Down syndrome enters the world.  There are no guarantees in life. Having a great love, following a true passion, having a child.. it’s all a gamble. You won’t always take the most worn and travelled path as you create your own life story.. […]


The 8 Most Googled Questions About Down syndrome- Answered

By Kat Abianac / December 20, 2015

This is a compilation of the top 8 most Googled questions about Down syndrome. I’ve added accurate, up to date resources to each, and answered the questions. Please don’t mistake me for a paediatrician or a genetics expert. You’re not going to get overly formal answers to the Google searches in the blog below. I’m not […]


Living Dead Clothing Have Madeline Stuart Model Shoot

By Kat Abianac / May 16, 2015

When Madeline Stuart, an 18 yr old girl with Down syndrome posted about her amazing weight loss journey picture (featured below) it went viral last week on her Facebook page. I picked up Maddy’s story last week and wrote about it on this blog. I am also the parent of a child with Down syndrome […]


I don’t want to change my daughter with Down syndrome. But…

By Kat Abianac / May 5, 2015

I don’t want to change my daughter with Down syndrome. But… These words, straight from the heart, perfectly reflect how a daddy feels about his little girl Eden Rose, who was born 2 years ago with Down syndrome. Col Usher, father of two, was asked a very important question by his 6 yr old son […]


What makes a mother smile?

By Kat Abianac / April 7, 2015

  When my son was born, he was blue. He was taken away and put on oxygen. Then he had a nasal gastric tube inserted. He was going to need oxygen long term, due to a condition called laryngomalacia (severely floppy airways). I held him, and loved him a little bit extra than I ever […]


This family won the Trisomy 21 Lottery- three times

By Kat Abianac / March 5, 2015

Trisomy 21 is a random event. It’s not hereditary, so it is amazing that this family has three beautiful biological children with the condition. Introducing the gorgeous Thomson Children!! These three siblings all have designer genes. ALL three children have Trisomy 21, the most common form of Down syndrome.  I think they have won the […]

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