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I Became a Hospital Mum And Lost My Name

By Kat Abianac / September 5, 2015

Two years ago I became the mother of a beautiful newborn. I sat upstairs alone in a hospital room the night he was born — a 9 lb pound boy in a neonatal cot downstairs alone, on long term oxygen. While I lay in the birthing suite minutes after his arrival, the doctor informed me […]


Getting My Child To Stop Throwing Food- A Winning Method

By Kat Abianac / June 26, 2015

Getting my child to stop throwing his food was consuming my life. I’m going to start this off by taking zero credit here for ANY good eating habits my son has picked up lately. I’d basically given up due to a busy family period, and he was living off his diet staple- fried rice, pureed […]


10 Things I Hate About Having a Kid with Down syndrome

By Kat Abianac / May 29, 2015

Things I hate about having a kid with Down syndrome? Let’s keep it real, shall we?  I don’t like everything about parenting. I hated my daughter’s croup. Why do I need to like everything about Down syndrome? 1.    I hate it when he uses his low muscle tone to his advantage in a tantrum. […]


I don’t want to change my daughter with Down syndrome. But…

By Kat Abianac / May 5, 2015

I don’t want to change my daughter with Down syndrome. But… These words, straight from the heart, perfectly reflect how a daddy feels about his little girl Eden Rose, who was born 2 years ago with Down syndrome. Col Usher, father of two, was asked a very important question by his 6 yr old son […]


Baby Bonds Contest Winners- Why So Many Have Down Syndrome

By Kat Abianac / March 27, 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Australia, you’ve heard of the Baby Bonds contest with their annual parade of smiling, cheeky babies and kids. And if you go on social media or watch TV, you’re also aware that in the last two years, a total of 4 winning children have had Down syndrome. […]


This family won the Trisomy 21 Lottery- three times

By Kat Abianac / March 5, 2015

Trisomy 21 is a random event. It’s not hereditary, so it is amazing that this family has three beautiful biological children with the condition. Introducing the gorgeous Thomson Children!! These three siblings all have designer genes. ALL three children have Trisomy 21, the most common form of Down syndrome.  I think they have won the […]


Why one mother wishes your baby had Down syndrome too

By Kat Abianac / March 2, 2015

Kate has a little girl with Down syndrome. When she asked me to proof read a post she wrote for her Facebook page, it was such an honest and emotional read I had to publish it on this website, too! Kate writes; “I read a question today posed by a mum who has just had […]

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