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Adoption Has An Ugly Side. This Mom Just Shared It.

By Kat Abianac / September 25, 2016

This mom, Stacey Gagnon, has shared the story of the joy and beauty her son brought to her life. But more than that- she shares the heartache of holding onto the knowledge of what his life was like before she arrived. She shares how it feels to hold onto her truth every day. She knows […]


To My Daughter With Down Syndrome on Her Wedding Day

By Kat Abianac / August 21, 2016

Dear Jillian, It is the afternoon of your wedding. In two hours, you will take the walk of a lifetime, a stroll made more memorable by what you’ve achieved to get to this day. I don’t know what the odds are of a woman born with Down syndrome, marrying the love of her life. I only […]


Parents At The Park, Please Don’t Help My Kids

By Kat Abianac / August 18, 2016

This amazing letter has just done the rounds recently on social media, after Kate Baker originally published it a while ago. Here it is in all its glory-   Dear Other Parents At The Park. Please do not lift my daughters to the top of the ladder, especially after you’ve just heard me tell them […]


What Your Child With Down Syndrome Might Do

By Kat Abianac / February 18, 2016

It can be a scary place, the first moments after your child with Down syndrome enters the world.  There are no guarantees in life. Having a great love, following a true passion, having a child.. it’s all a gamble. You won’t always take the most worn and travelled path as you create your own life story.. […]


What to Say When a Baby is Born with Down Syndrome

By Hayley Goleniowska / February 2, 2016

 So, you hear the news that someone in your family, a close friend or an acquaintance has given birth to their baby. Great news!     But within seconds you are told that the baby has Down Syndrome.   “Oh…. “ [There follows a mixture of disbelief, shock, stunned silence, anger, hurt, disappointment, perhaps a […]

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