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SENSORY PLAY:16 fun ideas from Parker Myles’

By Tracy Hardy / February 14, 2019

Cheap, fun sensory activities that Parker loves and really wanted to share with his friends. 1. Mix food colouring with water and freeze in an ice tray- tip a few into their bathwater. 2. A baby’s favourite- put them on a large blanket and hand them a brick or two of weetbix. You’ll love the […]


OMG! Parker Turns Six (where did that time go?!)

By Tracy Hardy / February 7, 2019

We thought you might like to see a few sneaky pictures of Parker at his special sixth birthday. He had a fab day and we need to send a HUGE shoutout to Print and party and Lovely occasions for helping make his day run so smoothly. Kat shared, “Parker had such an incredible birthday party. […]


Today I cried at a kid’s party. 

By Kat Abianac / November 27, 2016

    Today I cried at a kids party.  Tears didn’t roll down my cheeks, and I didn’t need to blow my snotty nose in a tissue. But my eyes welled up and got that awful tingly lump in my throat thats near impossible to swallow. Why? Because I’m exhausted and tired of making sure […]


To The Special Needs Mother: This was you all along

By Kat Abianac / October 30, 2016

I’m writing about my son Parker, who has Down syndrome and changed my life. I’m writing about why you’ll only ever see what you look for. And finally, I’m writing to define what I mean when I say so often that my life changed. The only thing that changed was me. So, of course Parker changed […]

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