SENSORY PLAY:16 fun ideas from Parker Myles’

Cheap, fun sensory activities that Parker loves and really wanted to share with his friends.

1. Mix food colouring with water and freeze in an ice tray- tip a few into their bathwater.

2. A baby’s favourite- put them on a large blanket and hand them a brick or two of weetbix. You’ll love the facial expressions you’ll get while they crush intently.

3.Drop glow sticks into their bath water and dim the lights!

4. Drop small bright colourful objects into a few matching bottles and screw the caps back on. These remain a favourite for years.

5. Buy 4 packs of generic brand jelly (approx $2), drop some small bath toys in an empty ice cream tub, fill with jelly liquid and let set. Release the jelly from its bowl in an empty bathtub, and add one child in bathers to help free the toys! Easy cleanup and great for children who normally hate baths.

6. Add bubble bath to your wading pool.

7. Put shaving cream in a sandwich ziploc bag with a dash of food colouring in each corner and hand to your child to blend the colours.

8. Put corn kernels/popcorn/sugar/coffee/shredded coconut in empty Kinder Surprise cylinders.

9. Collect small scraps of fabric and keep in a little cardboard box. Tip in front of baby during tummy time. No fabric? Cut up one or two of those old Wondersuits you keep meaning to donate. Add some hair ties.

10. Lay teething rings on the bottom of a shallow storage box and cover with pasta. Let them dig for their reward.

11. Refill an empty water bottle, add glitter, and hand to your baby. To keep forever, seal lid with a glue gun.

12. Rustle up all the tissue paper from your baby shower gifts, and put into a leftover baby shower bag. Put your baby’s hand inside to get him started off. He’ll figure out what to do.

13. Buy an assortment of super soft bath sponges at a $2 store, and lay them on the ground- place baby on them during tummy time and watch them kick and wriggle to dislodge each one!

14. Go for a walk in the backyard and touch your baby’s hands on 15 different surfaces. Try it at your local park. Take the challenge!

15. Hook a slinky in front of your baby. They teach themselves to ‘boing’ it like magic!

16. Mix together 2 cups cornflour and 1 cup water- it’s ‘Magic Slime! Squeeze it and it’s hard, let go and it runs through baby’s fingers.

Share your favourite sensory play ideas with us below.

Hey! In case you are wondering. I’m Parker’s friend, Tracy. I republish Parker’s cool stuff when his mum, Kat, is super busy! Don’t forget to follow them on social media for regular updates x

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