Parker’s Sneaky Sleep Fairy Tips

By Tracy Hardy / January 30, 2019

Mamas let’s talk about SLEEP! Or should I say, lack of?

Got a child still partying on at 10?

Do you snort when people suggest Melatonin, like it WASN’T one of the MANY ‘last resorts’ you’ve tried?

Sick of hearing the ‘consistent routine’ line, because OMG if anyone saw your house shenanigans during the night time witching hour, they’d take that one back pretty quickly…

Parker’s challenge used to be HOW EARLY he’d get up. It killed me. Now I turn his sleep diffuser back on at 5am and he sleeps until 6:30. His sleep blend is currently cedarwood, juniper berry lavender and copaiba.

We also had issues getting him TO sleep in the first place. I got in the bad habit of giving him YouTube if I still had a lot of work to do, and it quickly became the normal way to settle him. Sometimes I still do it, because there is only one of me and I’m not a slave to constantly showing up as the perfect parent.

Sleep fairy tips

To kill that habit, I have a little shower routine on the nights he’s really worked up. It works 100% of the time. He bounces on my bed as loud and as much as he wants, we wrestle it out. then straight into a hot shower where I’ve splashed lavender on the wall. Into bed with a quick lavender/frankincense foot rub and I diffuse his sleep blend, & the heavy hitter, Vetiver goes onto his big toes topically.

It sounds like a lot but it’s an extra 10 mins on top of a regular old shower and I’m telling you it’s worth it when he sleeps 9 hours straight and wakes up in a good mood instead of hungry, thirsty, moody, cranky, refusing to sit on the toilet.. a tired Parker is NOT someone I like being around!

Sleep is when you clean up the brain plaque that can lead to Alzheimer’s & dementia.

I feel SO STRONGLY about this, having seen the effects of pre and post good sleeps in Parker, who is 6 and has Down syndrome.

What are your challenges with sleep, or your tips for supporting it when your child has special needs? Let’s chat, just comment below or PM me!

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