Review: Wishbone Bike

Here’s Parker’s first crack at the Wishbone bike! As you can see, it’s designed to be SUPER easy to use- and it can’t tip over or unbalance your child, when used with two back wheels. Well, you’d have to be doing some pretty crazy moves to manage it!

Disclosure: Parker received a Wishbone bike in exchange for us documenting the experience via a blog! 


Well, as you can see he TOTALLY loved it! We were on a very slight incline- just enough to keep him in motion on the gravel in the carpark.

I have to say, I was really impressed by how easy it was to put together. I delegated the whole job out to the 11 and 3 yr olds!


“As your child acquires more confidence and stability (approximately 2.5-3 years) the trike converts to a balance bike or commonly known as a running bike. Now your child begins to learn to balance. Unlike training wheels, Wishbone bikes recognize that it’s easier to learn to balance before pedaling. Put that way, it’s crazy to think that most people learn pedal first right?

At 4-5 years the frame of the Wishbone Bike is flipped so that your child can experience maximum usage out of once of the largest balance bikes on the market. Seat height adjusts from 28-46cm.”


My favorite things:

Parker jumped on and started steering straight away! It was so easy and intuitive for him.

You can buy personalized name plates for it.

These bikes are sturdy and are more likely to be passed down/on than end up in landfill.

They’re made from sustainably managed woods and bonded and finished with eco-friendly products.

Things that surprised me:

They are deceivingly heavy! Don’t be that chump who lugs it around the park under one arm when her kid decides to do another activity. It is NOT as portable as it looks. It’s best to take specifically to ride, not as a toy to jump on & off.



Now that Parker has one- I really do wish I’d organised myself and gotten one sooner! It’s a new firm favourite at our place.

Thanks, Sweet Elephants!

Get your Wishbone or find out more by clicking here.

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