Dance Teacher’s Video Goes Viral Of An Amazing Couple With Down Syndrome

By Kat Abianac / September 30, 2016

A Colombian dance teacher, Carlos, uploaded a video this week of his pupil Valentina and fellow dancer Jean Pierre.

Their obvious skills shine through and you MUST watch it, too.

Just a few days after Carlos posted it, it reached over a million people on Facebook!


Valentina, from the Colombian ‘City Of Eternal Spring’,  Medellín, dances with Jean Pierre in the clip backed by the famous singer Romeo Santos.

Valentina with dance teacher Carlos

Valentina with her instructor, Carlos


Valentina is 18 years old. When she’s not dancing and competing, she loves to paint and learn instruments.



Valentina hangs out with her dance instructor, Carlos, during a break.

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zrinka - October 4, 2016

They are just perfect! What a beautifull dancing couple!!!!congrats

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