What Your Child With Down Syndrome Might Do

It can be a scary place, the first moments after your child with Down syndrome enters the world.  There are no guarantees in life. Having a great love, following a true passion, having a child.. it’s all a gamble. You won’t always take the most worn and travelled path as you create your own life story.. and that’s okay. My son Parker has Down syndrome, and is two years old. In his short life, he has inspired many people to do many things, and created some beautiful memories for our whole family. I can’t tell you it will be easy. And I can’t gloss over the medical issues that can come with a child with additional needs – after all, he was on oxygen until he was a toddler and am grateful to no longer need it. But maybe I can show you a little of what else you have in store… The potential of what COULD be.

Here’s what your child MIGHT do.

child with down syndrome smells flowers

He might show you how to stop and smell the flowers.

baby with down syndrome breastfeeding

He might breastfeed until he is 16 months old.

child with down syndrome modelling

He might become a model.

child with down syndrome box of tissues

He might use all your tissues.

child with down syndrome waving hello

He might make best friends with all the delivery men.


He might inspire someone to run a marathon for him on the other side of the world, in America.


Or even in Europe.

child with down syndrome hugs sister

He might be the best thing that ever happened to his big sister or brother. “Mum, if I didn’t have him, I just.. I don’t even.”

child with down syndrome christmas

He might get stuck into the presents BEFORE Christmas morning.

child with down syndrome doing yoga

He might be really good at yoga.

child with down syndrome eats dinner

He might really, really love Taco Tuesday.

child with down syndrome smiling

Or love a bit of cheese in general.

child with down syndrome nine months

Instead of adhering to low expectations, he might set his OWN pace through life, like every other child.

chid with down syndrome photo shoot

He might have a much bigger personality and more opinions than you ever anticipated.

child with down syndrome hugs mother

Your child might wake in the morning, and reach for you. And while you lay there wearing his little arms, the most precious of jewels around your neck, you might decide this child is the best thing that ever happened to you.


I originally published this post on Mummalove.

Nicole - August 19, 2016

So beautifully written. You got me at the end with wearing his arms, the most precious jewels around your neck. My sons are around my neck a lot and it feels exactly like that.
Thank you Melanie.

    Kat Abianac - August 19, 2016

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Nicole!

Melanie - April 30, 2016

This is a beautiful piece of writing and Parker is a very wonderful boy X

    Kat Abianac - May 14, 2016

    Thankyou Melanie!

Star Brinkman - February 20, 2016

Your darling son is very special! I, too have a very special daughter named Melissa, Missy for short! She was born June 9th 1982! Yes, she’ll 34 in June! She has been the light of my life, as I’m sure Parker is to you! Blessings to you!

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