Madeline Stuart will walk runway during Fashion Week 2016

Madeline Stuart Walks

Is Madeline Stuart still modelling? Not only is she stronger than ever with a combined social media following of over 600,000, she is booked solid with engagements, modelling work and travel right through 2016, according to her itinerary!

After a huge 2015 in which she turned 19, traveled overseas extensively and was awarded Model of the Year at Melange in San Francisco, she is once again modelling in front of an international audience. Madeline Stuart will walk at New York Fashion Week on February 15th.


via Madeline Stuart | Facebook

Then she’s off on an Alaskan cruise in July, followed by stops in Tokyo, Milan and London.

After achieving viral fame early last year with a weight loss photo montage highlighting her dedication to becoming a model, many people hoped Madeline could turn this into a fulltime, profitable career with the assistance and support of her mother Rosanne.

It appears she has successfully done so. And with the current incredibly small sampling of models with a disability on the catwalk, she continues to pave the way for current and future generations.


via Madeline Stuart | Facebook

As Rosanne says; “Of course I believe this is just the beginning and to anyone that knows us they also know that this is not just about modeling, this is about changing the world, this is about creating inclusion, stopping discrimination and breaking down those walls of confinement. Modelling is just the vehicle that is letting us do it. We want everyone to love and be loved, after all that is all that truly matters.”


via Madeline Stuart | Facebook

So, what’s next for Madeline Stuart? She grows more stunning with each frame snapped, and there is plenty coming up to keep us all following intently and with pride. With a studio filmed Buzzfeed video due for release and many more interviews scheduled during her travels this year, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter or check out her website for the latest.

Madeline Stuart Walks

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  1. Dawn Goff and Troy Burhoe Reply February 13, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    I think it great you daughter modeling . She looks beauitful. It makes my heart happy! We are love by God. I have son Troy with Down’s syndrome now age 38 year. He love music and dancing . Troy works at Key’s Industey and has a girlfriend Maggie. Troy is Happy.

  2. I am older now, but I wish I had such a lovely role model when I was a young girl … someone like me with freckles on her arms, cheeks and nose. Someone who could have told me … different is beautiful. Someone stunning like Madeline.

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