The Day I Put My Son In A Floral Outfit And The Internet Got Mad At Me

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This is my son Parker. Looks like a happy little boy, right? WRONG. I’ve been informed he will be very angry at me when he’s 18. One day he will find out his childhood secret. Because when he’s not playing with trucks and getting about in blue cloth nappies, I am busy ruining his life by dressing him up in bright colours, letting him choose his own outfits in the morning, and watching him try hats on at the grocery store.


I posted this photo on my Facebook page, but the true extent of my imperfect parenting was not apparent until I shared the image in a Facebook kids’ clothing group. 70+ comments later, numerous women were removed from the post by admin, kicked from the group, and comments deleted. Over a floral onesie. The common vibe in the dissenters? Daring to dress a boy in an outfit ‘meant for a girl’. I sat in bed this morning drinking tea and regaling my family with the latest comments and updates, which were hilarious to say the least. I won’t re-post them, because they were over the top and don’t deserve the air time, but this is how it ended;



Yes. This really happened. I know.


Now, I’m aware I’m not really the coolest mom around. I don’t drop hundreds on limited-run baby outfits sold secondhand for hundreds, referred to as ‘Unicorns’ in the baby clothing world. I think it’s awesome some people like a certain print so much they go out of their way to collect them. (It means I make money from my kids’ old outfits- score!) I shop online for kid’s clothing, mainly sticking to the same few brands which have accessories I like (In this case, a zipper so Parker can’t undress himself.) But I keep a range of colours, patterns and textures in his drawers, to give him some freedom of choice and a good range to choose from.


The Offending Item: Bonds Zippy Wondersuit. Pre tested on boys. 10/10 Does Suit.


I wonder if when Hawaiian shirts became popular, there was One Man Who Changed It All? Thank god they were invented before Facebook. Alert your husbands: when men head to the department store and pick up a floral button down shirt,  it seems they should probably sneak the shirt into the middle of their change room pile to save embarrassment.

I was so genuinely surprised to see this as an issue I headed back to the Bonds Website to check if there was a disclaimer: Restricted For Use By Females Only. Nope. It is simply named ‘Natives Print’.

So my question: Why the hate? These comments wouldn’t have been acceptable in ANY forum if they were addressing his physical appearance. So why is it OK to target the clothes a child is wearing?




I know this may seem like I’m  making a mountain from a molehill. But believe me, when I read comments criticizing a TWO year old’s outfit, I felt the need to assist this topic back to the molehill it should have been all along. While celebrating floral prints in all their glory.

My son has Down syndrome. Bet the comment writers didn’t notice that, because his face was covered by a glorious lavender felt hat. He is going to grow up needing to jump hurdles of outdated stereotypes. This issue is a mere drop in the bucket of assumptions I already fight every day, and try to raise awareness around. I truly don’t give a shit if he grows up and decides he likes pink Ralph Lauren shirts, or pyjamas in a startling shade of fuschia. Or even those floral shirts all the husbands are wearing.


Disclaimer: Face hidden to save this gentleman from the scorn of Internet Mothers.


We’re all aware little boys were once traditionally dressed in red and pink, and girls in blue. This since switched around and is the social ‘norm’. God forbid you break the rules. Gender stereotyping is real. It limits choices, and is superficial and ridiculous. I don’t even know how to put it simpler. Dress your kid in whatever the hell you and they want to wear. And then go hashtag them on Facebook.

Oh and Internet, don’t be judgy. It doesn’t go with what you’re wearing.






Parker Myles. Rocking his extra chromosome- AND his Wondersuit.

annemarie campbell - March 4, 2016

Parker looks adorable as always! Don’t stop rocking those rainbow colours, beautiful boy!!

Kevin - July 4, 2015

Kat, ask the company to make a man size onesie, in this design, I will buy one, and a child size for Fergus, and I appeal to the rest of Dads, let’s do this together, buy a onesie and show society, does it matter what we wear, or indeed our children! Why not ask if the flies will the company make a donation to DS in Aus? Happy to model this wherever !! Kevin

    Kat Abianac - July 8, 2015

    HAhahaha love it!!

Eúnan Carr - July 2, 2015

Hey Katrina

Ignore the haters missus! It is obvious that they hate themselves more than anyone else, and they have to try to deflect that hatred.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, you’re doing a great job with the wee man from what I can see so don’t change a thing. Letting Parker choose the colour of his outfit every day is a brilliant way of engaging him in an activity that can seem to be a chore for most little ones. And it is obvious that Parker has a sense of style already, despite his young age. Florals are the new black!

Nicole Galea - July 1, 2015

Parker looks totally gorgeous, and at the end of the day, who cares what the predominant colour in an outfit is? So long as he is comfortable and happy, but particularly if this is the outfit he chose, why not? Society carries on too much about ridiculous things! Funny thing is, sometimes, even when your son is dressed in the most boyish clothes on the market, but has long hair, he will be mistaken for a girl! Used to happen to me all the time with my second son, who had waist length hair til his first haircut at age 5! He was (and still is) the roughest, dirtiest, boyish boy – clothes were always obviously boys clothes, but yep, the long hair meant he was mistaken for a girl! And I used to think to myself “who in the hell would dress their daughter like that”? but there you go – he obviously had the “wrong” hairdo! Then there’s the story of my third son, who wanted to wear a gorgeous bridesmaid’s dress to his big sister’s wedding because it twirled really well!! The dress had belonged to his sister, and he loved it! I didn’t have a problem with him wearing it, but our families – I could only imagine! Fortunately for them, he changed his mind about the dress the day before! lol

    Kat Abianac - July 11, 2015

    Haha sounds adorable. He would have looked wondrous!

sleepydumpling - July 1, 2015

He’s gorgeous and he rocks a fabulous print. Keep on being an awesome parent.

    Kat Abianac - July 1, 2015


leeleegirl - July 1, 2015

LOL My 11, almost 12 year old likes art, hats, Dragon Ball Z, the idea of hand to hand combat with aliens, and babies. He wore whatever was clean and fit. Every color and style that came down the pike. He’s seen pictures and he thinks he was a gift to humanity in any outfit. Jeez. Parker’s happy, healthy, and loved. You’re momming just right.

Mary Anne Shaw-Cosman - July 1, 2015

My 4 year old son recently decided he was Elsa from Frozen and spent a whole weekend wearing a dress, including Father’s Day BBQ with the family. It was a great opportunity for the family to practice non-judgement 🙂

Tara - July 1, 2015

In this day and age people can still show how ignorant the human race can be. I love the footies. I love that there called zippys. Im gonna call them that for now on. Throw the nasty comments out the window. He has nothing but love coming from us in indiana

S Donald - July 1, 2015

Oh if only the clothes we put on our kids was all we ever had to worry about! Sheesh! Controversy where there is nothing to be upset about. Love your attitude–bravo!

firebailey - June 30, 2015

Sorry, I am cracking up. I cannot believe people get in such hysterics over a child’s outfit and then feel they have to put a negative comment on top of it all. I love your sense of humor about it 🙂 (Visiting from the FB Mighty group)

Julie - June 30, 2015

How very dare they!!!! But let’s face it the owners of these comments have all the answers. They live under rainbows with unicorns in their back gardens!!!!!

Carolyn - June 30, 2015

He’s absolutely gorgeous and the outfit is lovely. Really funky. Some people seem to have too much time on their hands if a little boy’s clothing makes them angry. What idiots!

Monica Lene Blalock - June 30, 2015

Parker is an adorable lil man and those people have no clue. It is perfectly fine for boys or men to wear any color they choose…. it is just a color and means nothing except that he is comfortable with himself and confident to show his likings. KUDOS mom for not hindering this young man’s style. Embrace his little lovelies 🙂

kidgredients - June 30, 2015

Oh golly. He’s too cute for the internet

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