Why Is This Baby Flying In Every Picture?



Wil Lawrence is an indescribably delicious 17 month old baby, who has Down syndrome. His father’s fantastic photographed images of him flying have gone viral in recent days. But do you know why?


Alan says, “After the doctor informed us that he had Down Syndrome we weren’t quite sure what the future held for our family. We were scared, and knew very little about what to expect.

In the short 17 months since he has been with us he has helped our family grow in ways we didn’t realize we needed.  Our family with Wil is happy. We want to show the world that you can have a happy life with a child with Down Syndrome. We don’t have to give up all the things we love to do as a family, because Wil has Down Syndrome.

He helps us slow down and find the joy in life.”


Wil’s images have gone viral, because his parents have chosen to share their story and use it to promote and fundraise for two major special needs adoption websites. These sites highlight the plight of children not quite as lucky as Wil and Parker. These foundations help both infants with Down Syndrome to be placed in a loving home, and adults with Down Syndrome to have the opportunity to go to college. You can visit these sites here and here.


“Wil Can Fly!”


“These photos soon took on a whole new meaning for us as we began to consider some of the unique challenges he will face as he grows up. We realize Wil is still young, but we know that even though he has Down Syndrome it doesn’t mean he is limited, he will be able to do anything he puts his mind to.”



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Alan Lawrence hiking with his son Wil. Click image to visit their Facebook!

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