This family won the Trisomy 21 Lottery- three times


It was a full on argument to the point I was in tears.

They were trying to force me into aborting him. We walked out of the office and never went back. Skye also has a heart defect. He was born 3 weeks early. He had one open heart surgery and spent just a couple of weeks in the hospital. Besides Calli’s heart they are all doing well.

No one really believes me that I have 3 children with Trisomy 21.

It is always ‘that does not happen’, or ‘you must have adopted them’.

Then they try to look to see which one is my biological child and which two are not. I have just gotten to the point that I walk away. Two of the questions I hear all the time are: have you and your husband been tested? Or, ‘how did you have 3?’ Followed by ‘I want one!’ (if the person does not have a child with Trisomy 21) ‘What did you do to ensure you would have a child with Trisomy 21?’ (a parent who already has a child with Trisomy 21 but they want another). I guess people think there is a magic pill that I took to make my kids have Trisomy 21! Day to day life is just like that of any family with children. My kids fight, cry, laugh, get timeouts, hugs, kisses, most days they don’t want to go to school so I have to fight to get school clothes on, we are late or nearly late for everything. No different than a typical household! They are in general education with their peers and pulled out for extra help where it is needed.


Three children with Down syndrome play by a fountain at a park.

I would tell parents who are expecting a baby with Trisomy 21 that their child is just a child. Raise that child as they would any other child. The love that you have for your child will only grow stronger over time. It is okay to be sad, mad, upset because things have changed. Don’t hold back your feelings. Those feeling will change over time and you will look back and wonder why you were so upset. Our children can do amazing things! My children are my world!!! They mean everything to me.”

These children obviously mean the whole world to their parents, and the love they receive in return is magnified threefold! What a beautiful and inspiring story, for parents who have faced medical pressures and complications during pregnancy. Please share!
-Quotation as told to Joelle Kelly. You can follow Joelle at Josee’s Journey of Faith, Hope & Love.
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Kat is a writer and a passionate advocate for inclusion in the media and advertising. She has two children, one with Down syndrome. Use the 'contact us' tab on this site to request her media kit or to get in touch. You may republish content from on your own site, provided a pingback is made to her original article and she is fully credited as author.

32 Responses to “This family won the Trisomy 21 Lottery- three times”

  1. My little brother has Down syndrome and through Down syndrome AZ we met a family that lived nearby that also had had three children with T21! The oldest had passed in the hospital after being in and out of the NICU since birth, but they ended up adopting a fourth with Down syndrome as well. These kids are amazing. Such blessings! ❤️

  2. Is it inherited?

    “Most of the time, Down syndrome isn’t inherited. It’s caused by a mistake in cell division during the development of the egg, sperm or embryo.

    Translocation Down syndrome is the only form of the disorder that can be passed from parent to child. However, only about 4 percent of children with Down syndrome have translocation. And only about one-third of these children inherited it from one of their parents.

    When translocations are inherited, the mother or father has some rearranged genetic material, but no extra genetic material — this means he or she is a balanced carrier. A balanced carrier has no signs or symptoms of Down syndrome, but he or she can pass the translocation on to children, causing extra genetic material from chromosome 21.

    The chance of passing on the translocation depends on the sex of the parent who carries the rearranged chromosome 21:

    If the father is the carrier, the risk is about 3 percent.
    If the mother is the carrier, the risk is between 10 and 15 percent.”
    From Mayo Clinic

    It is rarely inherited. It would depend on which type these children have to know this. I would assume the parents know as genetics are typically done after birth. Whatever he case, like me, they did win the lottery to get even one of these precious children! Mine is now 12. Great job mom and dad! Keep telling the world.

  3. You definitely hit the jackpot! Three of the most beautiful loving children. What a blessing

  4. Wow what inspirational stories! I have identical twin girls with T21, age 14 months old. They are small but mighty…and I am so proud to be their mommy. I just know they are going to do great things throughout their journey! They have already changed my outlook on life greatly. I occasionally do have times when I still cry… it comes from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, not because I am sad. It can be difficult juggling work, doctor appointments, therapy, and 5 children. But above all things, my girls bring so much pure love and joy to the family!

    • What an incredible job you’re doing Melissa! I’d love to write about you and your unique story, if you’d like to.. Just use the contact form on this website xx Kat

  5. I am Mon the three boys with Down Syndrome. Jose Luis (9 y), Sahid (7y) and Jesus Andrey (5 y).

  6. What a beautiful family and what an amazing story. It made me laugh, it made me cry. We are all special in our own way. You two as parents are truly amazing, you are very strong, and I commend you both.
    . To the person who wanted you to abort your third child, shame on you for even entertaining that thought That is not a choice you make for someone, and I hope that you learned that from this lady. You don’t throw a child away because it is different. The one thing you must remember we are all equal in Gods eyes, and we are all different in one way or another.
    . God bless you and your family.

  7. What a gorgeous trio! So so blessed that heart and wisdom overtake ‘medical advice’. I did read in the first paragraph that T21 is not hereditary. There is a form of T21 that is hereditary where the parent/parents do not show any symptoms. It is very very rare though. It is caused through a Robertsonian Translocation. But either way, it is amazing that all three beautiful children have T21! Xx

  8. Your children are gorgeous and you have my thoughts and prayers for their continued health and happiness. Being the mother of three myself, I know that it’s a full time job and I give you applause for raising such a fine and beautiful family. May the hard times be behind you all. xo

  9. Your kiddos are beautiful! I have 2 biological children who were born with DS. I have a son (14) and my 2 girls (12 & 11) were born with DS. People always think we adopted. My girls were born 10 1/2 months apart. My 12 year old has had 2 open heart surgeries. My 11 year old had heart surgery when she was 3 months old. They are both doing great now. They will be in the 6th grade next year. They are in a classroom with 6 other kids and are mainstreamed into other classes throughout the day.

  10. God makes no mistakes

  11. Hi there! I loved reading about your beautiful children! I have two children of my own with Down Syndrome, both biological. Elli is 5 and Levi is 2 1/2. The article said that Down Syndrome is not inherited. Most of the time this is true, but in our case my children got it from me. Its called translocation. One of my 21 chromosomes is stuck to my 14th chromosome. So its not in its regular spot. It’s regular spot is blank. When the children were born, they got my normal 21, their father’s 21, and my funky 14 with the 21 attached. So, trisomy 21. The geneticist said we had a 1 in 10 chance of having a child with DS each time we try. I think we are done having children now but the ones we have are great blessings to us and all that know them! Take care!

    • Hi Laura! Congratulations on your beautiful children- just wanted to clarify the article above does mention that Trisomy 21 isn’t hereditary, but doesn’t clarify that translocation Down syndrome IS. I should definitely do a follow up article to this one (written by a friend, Joelle) on the different types though!

      • Amy Brinkman Brendtro Reply March 16, 2015 at 4:12 am

        Yes, we have a sweet daughter who has a translocation. We were both tested and are not carriers…. We were just given an extra gift of joy…

    • Hi Laura, would love to be your friend , I also have 2 bio kids with translocation that they got from me

  12. You are a saint! I also have a child with T4 and M 18 he is my world! Your children are beautiful .

  13. I would never imagine that there would be three children with Down syndrome. But I’m surprised. On my age of 34, I have Down syndrome trisomy 21 Mosaic type, high functional. I work from Mondays to Fridays by walking 34 minutes back and forth, get up so early and done the chores in the afternoon, goes to the bank when it’s needed and there are lots to share about my experiences. If you have time to read some of stories, you can go and check at my blog. I’ve seldom post articles the past months because of my new work. To added with my abilities such as dancing, writing and drawing are my gifted talents since I was in my adolescence. Now I’m working to go out dating with a girl I’ve always dream to go married.

    • Hi! You don’t know me but I am 32 years old and I have downs syndrome. I too am high functional as well. I like computers, watching tv and movies, texting my friends, reading, writing, singing and I love playing with little kids and babies. I also have a job 2 of them in fact. I work at a flower shop mostly doing clean up work on Tuesdays and on Thursdays I work at a thrift store washing dishes. I am glad you posted on here.

    • Thank you JP for your story. I have so much hope for my son (20 months old) and for what he will be able to accomplish! I believe stories like yours go so far to achieving the breaking of stereotypes about men and women with Down Syndrome! Much love and best wishes to you!

  14. Beautiful children! I think you have been Blessed trice! I have two of my own born with Down Syndrome, my son is also Autistic. I had the same issue with doctors trying to get me to abort my second. People look at me funny as well because I have two kids with Down Syndrome, and the extra whammy on my son with the Autism. My daughter had the open heart surgery when she was 5 months old. She is doing fabulous right now. Never underestimate the strength of our children. We are a Blessed group of people.

  15. What a lovely photo of your children. I have three children. Two boys and a daughter. I’m lucky enough to have both of my boys with Down Syndrome. Brian is 27 and Damien is 18, with their sister in the middle of them both at the age of 21. I wouldn’t change a thing about my children for anything in the world. There is never a dull moment in my household. My eldest is the swimmer and artist of the family. Damien is very switched on, in almost everything he does and their sister is the smartest (gifted) and the gamer.
    Both of my boys have had open heart surgery. Damien also suffers from asthma.

    If only I could put a picture up of them to show to you all.

  16. They have a wonderful Mother and Father.

  17. Your children are beautiful! I’m a heart mom (not a T21 mom), and I can’t imagine having more than one child with heart trouble (just one of my five). Your babies are so precious. <3 All children are blessings–regardless of what the world may say about them (or us). 🙂

  18. I wish I would of read something uplifting like this after I had my son. Instead a lot of stuff was negative and outdated. I hope your story is able to reach others like us that need something postitve to hold onto!

  19. Congratulations on your beautiful family! My daughter is 27 and she is a joy. Triple the joy at your house- delightful!

  20. Such cute and beautiful kids. Good luck with Callie’s heart I hope things turn out well for her


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