What a married woman with Down syndrome wants you to know

Meet Kate Owens.

Kate got married 3 years ago, and is busy loving life! I asked Kate, as a married woman with Down syndrome, to share some things about herself as well as her life.

She has something important to say to mothers of kids with Down syndrome. Or even mothers of younger children, who are thinking ahead to the future. Marriage may not be on the cards yet- but one day, it might just be.

married woman with down syndrome

How did I meet my husband? We met at a local disco in 2007. He bought me a drink and we danced.. I told mum about him after!

Our first date was out for lunch. It was chucking it down with rain, so we had to share my umbrella- and we kissed.

married woman with down syndrome
Steve proposed at a charity ball in Bristol. He stopped the DJ playing music, got down on one knee in the middle of the dance floor and proposed. Everyone cheered when I said yes.
It is my 30th birthday on 27th August and I’m having a big party with a disco, and Steve is 35.

married woman with down syndrome

Kate and Steve completing a local charity Rainbow Run to support their local children’s hospital

What do I like the most about being a wife?

down syndrome tee shirt


married woman with down syndrome

Having a relaxed day out at an outdoors Westlife concert

What do I like the most about being a wife? I like being a wife because I can boss him around!! Not really, it’s changed my life forever, it means everything.

married woman with down syndrome

Kate, with her beautiful flower girl, on her wedding day

What do we enjoy doing together? We like going to our clubs, and the gym and church, but everything really.

married woman with down syndrome
I want to say to mums of young girls who have Down syndrome, and the girls themselves- You can meet a man that’s right for you, and enjoy your life.

Down Syndrome shouldn’t stop you doing what you want to do.

married woman with down syndromePhotos used with permission from Kate Owens.

Kate and Steve have the most beautiful marriage, and it was a joy to share it with you.

Please share their love story too!

down syndrome tee shirt

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About Kat Abianac

Kat is a writer and a passionate advocate for inclusion in the media and advertising. She has two children, one with Down syndrome. Use the 'contact us' tab on this site to request her media kit or to get in touch. You may republish content from www.parkermyles.com on your own site, provided a pingback is made to her original article and she is fully credited as author.

56 Responses to “What a married woman with Down syndrome wants you to know”

  1. Be happily ever after 🙂

  2. Please! Please! Please! If you have a child or sibling with Down Syndrome or any other developmental disability, please when they turn 18 apply for Guardianship or some legal method to protect your child or sibling incase they become married or can not advocate for themselves. Save yourself the nightmare of letting the state, their spouse or spouses family from having a say in the individuals healthcare, if they become unable to speak for themselves. I can not stress this enough!

    Also, please look into special NYS OPWDD requirements for Health Care Proxy’s, yours may not be valid.

  3. That is good to hear we can get married when you can be anything I am happy for you two


  5. Hi Katie
    You probably won’t see this but my name is Hannah and I am a writer and would love to work with you and write your story if that is something you would be interested in. Your Story is wonderful.

  6. This is a truly inspiring story. I do have one question though, does Steve have any disabilities? Its no more or less inspiring if he does or does not have any disabilities, its just rare to see someone with no disabilities daring someone that has them. At least from what I have seen but I have been pretty sheltered. My oldest has Down Syndrome and it has opened my eyes and my heart to a whole new world.

  7. I found you through Mamma Mia, they posted this post on their site and after reading it I had to come and have a look at your blog. This is a beautiful story. I love how these two have found each other and how they look so in love. It’s just a beautiful thing to see.Thank-you for writing this.

    Sophie xxx

  8. thank you for sharing the story.. so inspiring… it means so much to us…

  9. Such a lovely couple, and an inspiring example. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. I have chills ….I think I might cry. I don’t do that but this story had made my heart smile. I 31 years old and the proud mother of 4 . My oldest Jonathan, 13 years old and he has down syndrome. All he had Ever wanted is to be a husband. Even before he had even seen an example of what that meant. At two just beginning to walk he would aline stuffed animals (babies) on the arm of the couch. Get a blanket cover them up just so. Then stand there and pat there butts till they fell asleep…..for a typically developing child that isn’t a big deal, but for him it was a labor intensive task. He is happiest if aloud to wear his Sunday best…..EVERY DAY. He cleans the bac yard in a suit and tie. Because you never know when it will be time to fulfil your destiny and to him being “happy husband Jonathan ” is his. ……im a bit choked up. Since the day I had him and looked at his gorgeous lil face I have just wanted his happiness. And I have heard awful soul crushing stories. Men and women being stopped LEGALLY stopped from being aloud to wed simply because they are disabled. I have had people scoff at his dream to have a family. Curl there face and say …”what if he had children” in side you can’t help but be crushed……outwardly I would rub my hands together and oh I would just hope the kids would have down syndrome and that I could play with them EVERY day” …..but in side I always worry. If he CAN have his dream. So I want YOU to know that you have just given a mom the greatest gift…… hope and reassurance. Thank you

  11. I have been in Special Ed for 4 decades and the step mum of a son who has D.S. This story warms my heart and should be shared..People with D.S. are the most loving, caring and beautiful people on earth.

  12. You are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your precious moments. I have an almost 14yr old daughter with DS and it gives me hope for her future to see your blessings that God have given you. Congratulations! Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii!

  13. I have a daughter with DS and i hope she fines a good man like you did god bless!!!!!

  14. Reblogged this on West Coast Review and commented:
    A love story on so many levels…
    If you don’t feel good after reading this then, well, I don’t know. Maybe you need to read it again and feel the joy we should all share in life.

  15. As the grandmother of a little girl with DS, I loved your story. I pray God continues to bless you and your husband!

  16. Reblogged this on Vampire Syndrome Blog and commented:
    My character Jack doesn’t let Down Syndrome stop him, and neither dies Kate! Congratulations on your wonderful life, Kate! 🙂

  17. mohamed fazly ilyas Reply September 20, 2014 at 1:17 am

    I am very happy for you Kate and thank steve for marrying you and making your life meaningful. most parents will be always hesitant to give their daughter with this syndrome in marriage due to natural concerns.I hope God will guide you and steve with love and care from here on to eternity.. And best wishes in the making towards a family. God bless and best wishes.

  18. As a mom i would hope that both of my girls wil be so happy in life as you twoo are…
    And my princes of ten years young with down, i just hope that she will see her live
    filled with joY and laughter and good friends and relatives…..And love like you and your man have found. Greetings from the Netherlands..

  19. Gives me hope that my daughter will find her “mate” I want her to be able to be whom ever her heart desires. Great inspiring story!!

  20. I wish you both happiness you are beautiful inside and outside bless you .

  21. Maha Moustafa Kamal Reply September 2, 2014 at 11:08 am

    your lovely story has much encouraged me..i feel so proud of U ..U R not only a very beautiful bride..U R also a very successful woman who has proved that there is nothing called ”impossible”.
    God bless U both..i hope U enjoy health and happiness for the rest of your life

  22. Beautiful couple. Beautiful hearts. Beautiful thoughts. God bless your lives together.

  23. What a lovely couple you are – I wish you well in your life together. Downs Syndrome does not define you – you are uniquely you – a woman, a daughter and a wife – and a beautiful one at
    that !!

  24. What a lovely story & beautiful photos of such beautiful people – inside & out! Thank you for sharing your inspiring message

  25. What a wonderful story, you both look so happy. Best wishes for your future together

  26. Congratulations !!!thanks !! For sharing your tale of love …..IM so happy for both of you , may you two live life happily ever after

  27. I am a mummy to a little girl with Down syndrome and this has brought happy tears to my eyes and a smile across my face. Thank you for the post and to Kate for sharing 🙂

  28. this is a beautiful story for this young woman but just want to say that it is not for all who have down syndrome as I work with profound downs for over 30 yrs and wish their stories could be so beautiful as this lovely young woman. Congratulations for having your life sweetheart the way you want it to be.Hugs x

  29. Such a beautiful and happy story. I am so glad you found happiness darl, every woman deserves it. And every girl deserves to be a princess On her special day

  30. I love her dress and the flower girl’s dress is sooo sweet.

  31. my granddaughter has ds. im hoping she finds someone to love her the way she loves everyone. you are a beautifull person with a beautifull heart

  32. As the mother of an eight year old boy with Down syndrome, I thank you for sharing this post! Kate and her husband look absolutely beautiful on their wedding day and it’s so good to see a woman with Down syndrome enjoying her life to the full!

  33. You both look so happy together and I am pleased you shared your story with us. I pray that this openness of yours will be a great encouragement to other DSers. Bless you both.

  34. I love seeing stories like this and thinking about my girl’s future… Hope has no limitations.

  35. AlicFcebooke Loos Reply August 13, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    awesome, I wish tem a very haapy long lasting love understnding, and above all, help each other. Congrats. Alice Loos, Curacao.

  36. As a mum of a little girl who has downs syndrome this was really great to read, thank you for sharing your love story, it has really encouraged me ! You looked fantastic on your wedding day and a very happy couple, God bless you both for a long and happy future together x

  37. Love knows no boundaries good luck to you both for a wonderful future xxxx

  38. What a fabulous story. Thanks for sharing. x

  39. Such a simple beautiful story, you looked gorgeous on your wedding day and the smile on your faces in the other photos says it all. My son is only 4 , he how DS and I hope he meets someone as as lovely as you xx

  40. What a beautiful young woman, she looks fantastic on her wedding day and very happy with her new husband all the best to them x


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