The Love of a Sister


I have the honour of parenting a very amazing little girl. And I mourned on my daughter’s behalf, when Parker was diagnosed with Down syndrome. I was scared for his future, and what this all meant for her- how it would alter her childhood and my dreams for how I wanted to raise her.

When Parker was about a month old and still in hospital, she cried and sobbed one day while visiting. I asked her why, and she said because he’d never seen a car.

When Parker finally got home, she very quietly asked me one night when exactly Parker was going to die. I looked at her shocked, and asked why she would ask that- she had thought he was going to die in the hospital, and that’s why he was in there so long.

When Parker does a trick, she fetches me from wherever I am in the house, along with anyone else who happens to be visiting. We all have to line up near him and wait patiently for him to do the trick again, before she lets us go on our way.
She asks to give him bottles, falls asleep with him in her arms, and the intense love when she has the first morning cuddle with him makes her grit her teeth.

When Parker was diagnosed with Down syndrome, I didn’t know what to expect in Annerley’s future either. I thought maybe she would get teased, or spend her days in the playground looking after him.


Parker comes on the school pickup run and Annerley comes running up, scoops him into her arms, and off she goes again- he does the rounds to visit her ‘BFFs of the day’. Only the most privileged of her friends are allowed a kiss, or, the Holy Grail- being allowed to sit on the tarmac cross legged and hold him.
This week, a boy said, ‘Um, his eyes are crooked!’
2 or 3 of the BFFs swivelled and snapped around. The pack leader responded. ‘Duh, he has DOWN SYNDROME? Derr brain.”

Educating the world, one BFF at a time. Inclusion starts small, but can spread like wildfire until all the cool kids catch it.


Linda Perham - September 25, 2014

It is a very special gift from God to have a Downs child! I would not trade it for anything.

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s. rodriguez - August 7, 2014

What a wonderful sister and family–my kudos off to you!

kathy - August 5, 2014

What a great big sister. I was the same way when my brother was born. I never wanted to leave his side. Now he is 37 and I’m 40. We lost our parents and again he never leaves my side. He lives with me and is the joy of my life

helldoesntownme - August 2, 2014

What a wonderful sister. So glad she and Parker are siblings. So glad I found your blog.
Drusilla Barron (

Sheila - July 31, 2014

Parker is adorable and his big sister is the greatest. I have aDownsSyndrome granddaughter who is much worse shape then Parker. She has gone through several surgeries, and they told she wouldn’t live to be 5 yrs old, but guess what she will be 22yrs old on the 9 th of Aug and she can be a hand full at times but she puts her arms around you and gives you a hug and your heart melts. She has an older brother who would give his life for her and a younger sister who now calls herself her big little sister because mentally she will never be over 2yrs old, and her sister fights against people with little brains all the time. But remember at all times Parker has his own personality and he is not like anyone else and when someone says he’s not normal just look at them and say what’s normal?

Carmen Uvalle Ramirez - July 31, 2014

This made me cry.. I love when big sisters are sisters first and then bff’s with their friends.. I love love your blog and you just got a new fan..

Penny - July 28, 2014

She is the special sister he needed they are so lucky to have each other

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